SnowClub15 is a GO

In just under three weeks time, my wife and I will be joining 18 friends on a snowboarding trip to France. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The amazing people I’ll be joining are all people that I’ve met through my business, the work connections that become friend connections that become snowboard buddies.

Each of us has either started a business or runs a business, and it’s this commonality that delivers the true value of the trip. Whenever you travel with incredibly smart people, the volumes of knowledge and insight that get shared and absorbed are incredible. You aren’t rushed for time over a “business lunch”, you get to spend seven days hanging out with people you like and respect.

A quick chat on a chair-lift, long chats over lunch while resting aching muscles and eating kilos of carbs, crazy ideas dreamed up during aprè ski drinks, and heated debates and fights over candle-lit dinners. You truly do not get better. The actual snowboarding takes second place.

Being a board sports person, having an action packed holiday is amazing, but given the people I’ll get to hang out with, it’s more of a handy excuse.

SnowClub15 wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for a few important companies and people. Firstly, a lot of credit needs to go to ClubMed who had the foresight to bring us all together and make this happen. They are spoiling us by hosting us in their brand new ClubMed Sensations in Val Thorens in France. Part of their proposition is that you can have a working snow holiday and the hotel is designed to support this, and it’s why they’re supporting us.

Thanks must also go to my good friend Spillly whose turn it was to play the role of organiser and he has put our previous trips to shame. Spillly has also been instrumental in bringing together such an esteemed group of people who I’m really looking forward to hanging out with.

If you’re not the jealous type then you may want to follow the tour by checking out the #SnowClub15 hashtag on the various social networks. There will be plenty of updates, insights, and photos.

  • spillly

    My man!

  • Rad! Seems I might need to stay off Twitter and Instagram for a while, otherwise I might just turn green. 🙂

    Seriously though, sounds awesome. Hope you all have a blast.