iPad Air 2: Everything in One Challenge

There’s a brand new, unopened iPad Air 2 sitting on my desk, looking up at me longingly. It’s in front of me because the iStore have set me a little challenge: can I exclusively use the iPad Air 2 for a week and still do everything I need to do.

My first perception is that it’s a big ask. I have history with the iPad that is creating this expectation – like a good Apple customer I rushed to buy the iPad when it first came out but the relationship didn’t last. At the same time I was upgrading to a MacBook Air which immediately became my first love. Between my MacBook and my iPhone I had no need for the iPad. This challenge is to reverse that exactly.

My current set up is still the same. One times MacBook Air and one times iPhone 5 are my two life companions. The MacBook is my work centre (email, writing, presentations) and the iPhone my play centre (social, photos, messaging).

Can the iPad Air 2 succeed where its predecessor failed? We’ll find out over the next week.

To make it a fair exercise I’ll share my upfront excitements and fears so that I have something to measure it against:

What gets me excited:

  • The iPad is light, really light. It’s not like the MacBook Air is heavy but the iPad is still a lot lighter which makes carrying it around a breeze.
  • As an iPhone replacement the extra screen size is a bonus. Everything will be bigger and better and it’s guaranteed to make the iPhone screen feel tiny.
  • Even if this experiment is 70% successful it means that I can use the iPad when I travel and not have to carry multiple devices. That alone is a big win.

What scares me:

  • The lack of keyboard is quite intimidating. I do a lot of writing in my job so typing quickly is imperative. Might have to invest in a keyboard for the iPad.
  • Will I look like a doofus using the iPad to take photos? Yes, most likely.
  • I already know that it can replace all the data services on my iPhone but it doesn’t take calls. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

So that’s the challenge. I’ll let you know how it all goes. If you want to see other people participating check out the tags #iPadAir2 #EverythingIn1 and follow @MyiStoreSA.